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Music Therapy Case Study

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There has been multiple research studies for music therapy. A doctor named Sandi Curtis had significant findings that music therapy improves mood, life quality, relaxation, comfort, and happiness. Adults with cancer that go to music therapy reduce their distress, pain, depression, anxiety, and fear. Sandi Curtis has also found that children who attend music therapy has improved the way they cope and how they behave. She said that music therapy can help those who are experiencing brain injuries.

A review of recent nursing and health-related literature throughout the years was conducted on the concepts of music, music therapy, preferred music, and individualized music. As a result of this study, the characteristics music therapy was identified, and used to develop a conceptual model of music therapy Musculoskeletal Diseases. If music can soothe or add joy to someone who is already emotionally and mentally stable, there should be zero reason why some still argue that it is different in preventing pain and depression from mentally or physically ill patients whether that patient is in pre or post recovery.

Music is important because it is a soulful calming remedy for relaxation on an everyday basis. Music can promote relaxation by positively benefiting the neuro-physcological and emotional response. Emotionally, music has the power to lower levels of cortisol, which a stress hormone. Music also has the power to change ones mood happy, sad, angry and so forth. Studies show that those on anti-depressants benefit more from medicine after receiving music therapy. Music therapy aims to help clients develop relationships and address issues they may not be able to address using words alone. These patients explore personal feelings and issues such as self-esteem and adopt positive forms of behavior.

They also work to develop independence and decision making skills that support healthy feelings and thoughts. Music therapy should be used more often because it has been proven to heal people of all different ages with many different health problems. There are various types of art modalities that can be utilized in the health care field. Music therapy may decrease labor pains and postpartum blues in women. It encourages coordination and communication, so improves their quality of life. In addition, listening to music on headphones reduces stress and anxiety in hospital patients before and after surgery. Other important features of music can help reduce both the sensation and distress of both chronic pain and postoperative pain. Listening to music can relieve depression and increase self-esteem ratings in elderly people.

Focusing on distracting the patient, calming the patient, and changing the patient 's mood, this technique often will show to have a positive outcome AMTA. Pain is not the only problem faced when in the healing process. Patients viewed music therapy as helpful and reported experiences concur with current literature. Benefits of Music therapy for PTSD There are times when patients are discerning with talking to therapies for the reason that it is distressing and invasive. Alicia Barksdale. It is all about personal preference. Individual music therapy sessions also encourage improvement of social skills as the music therapist sometimes writes music with the student A Comprehensive Guide to Music Therapy.

Writing music with a music therapist encourages creativity as well as interaction with the therapist as they come up with lyrics and music. With sessions being more individualized, it encourages the student to open up more to the music therapist. On the other hand, in group therapy sessions, students who are more socially active influence others to become more social. There is also the possibility that some students in music therapy already have good social skills. Some students just connect with music in ways that immediately or over time, cause them to communicate with the help of music therapy Effects of Music Therapy on Children with Disabilities. Some forms of music therapy that would help them communicate is writing their own music, singing along with music, or playing an instrument with a music therapist Inner Power of Music and Music Therapy.

Some people simply do not like to talk and are very unsocial. If music therapy is the right choice for them, it may still take time. Being very shy or choosing not to communicate to expressing themselves through music or singing is still a major improvement even if it is not communication through words. A person connecting naturally with music could impact whether or not music therapy benefits certain skills. According to Ms. Music all together can help calm people down. Autistic Kids Find Music Therapeutic. It has also helped some students with autism with focus and concentration skills Why does Music Therapy Help in Autism? Music helping students with autism overnight does not happen often.

It could take days, week, months, or even years for skills like emotional and behavioral control to be maintained through music therapy Autistic Kids Find Music Therapeutic. Music therapy may not even help some people at all Alicia Barksdale. Music therapy helps people maintain a good behavior at certain appropriate times. Some music tells students what to do Magical Music for Life Foundation. Music written for students will tell them what to do, like sit down, or dance Music for Children with Special Needs. Students will write music with their music therapist with commands Magical Music for Life Foundation. They will say what they want to do or what they are feeling and come up with songs based off those.

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