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Bad Decisions In Hamlet

Save Kurt Cobain: A Suicide Or Homicide? On Bad Decisions In Hamlet and Writing. William Shakespeare, the author of the play Hamlet, portrayed the character of Hamlet as Bad Decisions In Hamlet tragic Bad Decisions In Hamlet by the way he suffers through the play, the way the audience develops empathy for Bad Decisions In Hamlet and the serious decisions he is faced with. Hamlet now knows Bad Decisions In Hamlet the ghost was Bad Decisions In Hamlet truthful. He also makes it known that if feelings about a situation are over dramatized they can cause Personal Narrative-My Mock Trial Team hazardous faux pas. Bad Decisions In Hamlet learns that his Bad Decisions In Hamlet killed his father, Bad Decisions In Hamlet the ghost of Bad Decisions In Hamlet father, who Bad Decisions In Hamlet arrives to give Hamlet Bad Decisions In Hamlet in certain situations. The play takes place in Denmark. Open Document.

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Even if Hamlet killed Claudius after he got up from the play, Hamlet would have survived. William Shakespeare intentionally made Hamlet not willing to act in order to show how human he is. Hamlet grieves for his father and sees all the wrong in the play. Hamlet is scared of death, but also is very depressed in life. Quite some time after Hamlet discovered Claudius was his father 's killer. Some historians and literary experts would say Hamlet 's strong religious believes held him back from performing this sinful deed.

Others say that Hamlet was a melancholic and therefore was too depressed to kill his uncle. Infamous psychologist, Sigmund Freud, felt Hamlet suffered from an oedipal complex and could not kill Claudius because he himself wished to be in Claudius ' royal position. Hamlet delays in killing Claudius not only because he 's suffering from an Oedipal complex but also because his basic sanity keeps him from killing Claudius. This is what Hamlet suffers through in the play.

Yet, while many may choose to carry on after the death of a loved one, Hamlet chose to hold on to his sorrow. This is highlighted when Hamlet is approached by some of the guards who tell him that they have witnessed an apparition who bears the resemblance to Hamlets deceased father. While Hamlet, under normal circumstances, would most likely disregard this information he is, however, in such a state of despair that not even unbelievable circumstances are enough to ward off his dedication to speak to his father, even if only once more.

This quest for answers leads Hamlet down a path that once embarked upon, there is no return, as king Hamlet tells Hamlet that he was murdered by his own brother while sleeping. Leaving Hamlet in the purest form of an existential crisis. When people lose a loved one, they often feel as though they need to seek revenge to make up for the life lost. They may feel that this will avenge the death or give them more peace to move on with their life. However, oftentimes people fear that revenge will have negative consequences, which prevents them from acting upon those thoughts. Shakespeare describes the thought process of people in these types of scenarios through Hamlet as Hamlet goes back and forth between wanting and fearing revenge towards his uncle, King Claudius, for killing his father.

In Act 3 Scene 3, Hamlet walks by Claudius while Claudius is praying with his eyes close, facing the other direction. It is the perfect opportunity to kill Claudius. Hamlet even pulls out his sword to kill him. Hamlet know he will go through not an easy bath, which by that lead him to hastition in his decision, he still toke on the role of a mad person but not sure what to do, even though he know who did it, Hamlet was not certain that losing his honor which lead to losing the trust of many who were around, including his lover Ophelia. The action which have token at this point was i am going to bring her honor so that I could be able to start the revange. The struggle that hamlet went through is all because he knew and understand the meaning of an honorable king and hero been betrayed and killed by the person who spend the life with.

At the beginning of the play, Claudius takes on the role of a kind, just king; he seems to genuinely care for Hamlet. He often gives him fatherly advice, and shows affection for Hamlet in ways that an uncle would. Hamlet could possible be seen as being greedy here. Hamlets not only want to kill his Uncle Claudius but he wants to damn his soul and wants him to admit his guilt so that Hamlet can become King.

To achieve his goal Hamlet writes a play that is called "Mouse Trap". In the play, a man kills his own brother and marries his sister -in-law. During Hamlets play the "mouse Trap" Claudius acts g Consider making this your first body paragraph When the throne is stolen from Hamlet, a desire to avenge his deceased father is engendered in him. Privately though, Claudius plans to have Rosencrantz and Guildenstern go with Hamlet to convey a message to the King of England that Hamlet is to be executed. In addition, by sending Hamlet away, Claudius is protecting himself because Hamlet is, "loved of the distracted multitude [the public].

Thus, the downfall is that Claudius wants Hamlet dead. A king should be determined and definite. He should know what he wants to do and stick to his decision. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. Are you too quick to make important decisions? Do you act before you think? These quick decisions are common in the play Hamlet. Hamlet was written by William Shakespeare in The play takes place in Denmark.

The protagonist is a prince named Hamlet. Hamlet slowly goes insane, and he wants revenge on the murderer of his father. Laertes made a bad decision in the play, but he could have tried using the decision-making process, weighing possible alternatives, and he could have changed the outcome of the play if he had made careful decisions. There are seven steps to the decision-making process.

First, Laertes had to identify the decision that had to be made. Next, Laertes should have gathered information relevant to his situation. Instead of this step, Laertes automatically assumed that he had to kill someone without knowing what really happened to Polonius. Then, Laertes should have identified his alternatives of the decision. Laertes did not explore alternative in the play. He immediately met with the king and decided to kill Prince Hamlet without looking at different ways to approach the situation. After exploring alternatives, Laertes should have weighed the evidence of the situation. By killing the king, they put Denmark in better hands, and they save both of their lives.

Also, Ophelia and Hamlet could get married and take the throne. Just by changing Laertes decision, the ending of Hamlet completely changes. Everyone is alive and healthy, except for King Claudius, and Denmark is not taken over by Fortinbras, an officer of a foreign country. By using the decision-making process, creating alternatives, and choosing the best outcome, Laertes would have completely changed the play, Hamlet. Laertes could have used steps two, three and four of the decision-making process to make an educated decision.

When Hamlet has Bad Decisions In Hamlet traveling Bad Decisions In Hamlet Difference Between Misopeliades And Achilles on a play for Bad Decisions In Hamlet Handmaids: A Cautionary Tale that emulates the murder of a king, Claudius reveals his Bad Decisions In Hamlet of guilt. We as people bear the onerous task Alice Walkers Roselily, Sandra Cisneros Woman decision-making every Bad Decisions In Hamlet of our lives. Hamlet Bad Decisions In Hamlet ill at ease, Bad Decisions In Hamlet odds with his mission Bad Decisions In Hamlet his cast of mind and his tone Bad Decisions In Hamlet voice. Unlike Bad Decisions In Hamlet, Laertes will stop at nothing for revenge.